Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just a burp

Fall is here! And it's beautiful!!!

I just wrapped up a very long and hard weekend working at the ACL Music Festival. This was my 6th year working the festival. I had a moment on Sunday while taking a break when I realized that it was all absolutely perfect. It was one of those moments (few as they are) where I was very aware of the moment. The sky was beautiful with very few clouds. The air was pleasant. Not too warm, not too cold. There was music in the air. And for the most part, people were very happy. How nice.

Monday after the festival I was dead tired. Which was unfortunate because I had crossfit at 4pm. I woke up that morning, got up, and then got back into bed with the intentions of calling in. I then thought about how little vacation time I had and how I needed it all for my road trip with Cora next year. Sigh....I then got back out of bed and managed to make it to work.

I had a body comp at 3:45 before class which, after my weekend of standing all day long, I was not really looking forward to. I will insert here that having to pull my own drinks let me move around a bit more so I didn't have the edema issues that I normally have after ACL. Anyways, the body comp didn't happen. That is a frustrating story better suited for another time. I will insert (again) say that Team Clusterfuck seems to be appropriate for our team name....but whatever.

Ok, let's get to the fun part: The Workout.

5 rounds of:
1. 400m run
2. Hang power cleans
3. Ring dips

16 minute time limit

All I can say about that is...I'm glad it was just a burp and not vomit. Cause I surely thought that I would. Vomit that is.