Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I ate a lot

Happy Holidays! When was the last time I posted? It has been a while. Well, to be quite honest I tend to sit down with the best of intentions but you know what they say about good intentions and all.

I spent Christmas with my bud Carrey and her family in Spring, TX. I came out of that about 10 pounds heavier, I'm sure. There was a lot to eat and I ate a lot. So, time to get back on the wagon. I once stated that if my approach didn't work then I'd try something else. Ok, well I'm trying something else. Paleo-schmaleo is what I'll be doing. I should probably not add the "schmaleo" for sincerity's sake. But I'm giving it a try. And without the "bitterness in my heart" that I claimed to have a few weeks back. I'm going to give it an honest try.

Maybe I should get some pizza while it's still allowed...

I Am Crossfit challenge starts Jan 7th and I'm all signed up. Time for the extra padding to G-O!