Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, Monday...

WooHoo it's Monday! Monday my brand new elliptical was assembled and Monday I had a fabulous shoulder workout followed by sprints on the stationary bike. I've got all new workouts and I'll run them for the next 3 weeks. Idea is to spend some time working the muscle in a certain way and then switch it up. I want to get the full benefit of an exercise and then switch it up before my body gets too comfortable. So I expect this to be a fun week because everything is new.

As I mentioned above my elliptical is here. I'm staring at it right now. I plan on having my first session on it tomorrow morning. Bright and early! This will be nice because I can do cardio in the morning before breakfast and just concentrate on lifting in the afternoon. While my cardio can all be done in one session, that is. Once it gets to about an hour I'll start splitting it up. I ALWAYS do the majority of my cardio in the morning and save the lesser amount for the afternoon. Mentally that works for me. I always want to feel like I have less work to do in the afternoon.

Sunday was my planned cheat meal. Hummus with assorted veggies and pita followed by a yummy salad. I saw a movie, The Single Man at the Alamo with dinner. Very somber movie. Next week I hope I can find something a little more light hearted. I think I'm going to continue with the trend, a movie and dinner for my cheat meal. It's my complete treat for the week. Well, it would be MORE complete with a glass of cider. But alas, I'm off the sauce for the next 10 months OR until I turn pro, whichever should happen first. Let's hope that I turn pro first. That is what I'm working for after all.

Tomorrow is a leg day. As I've written it, I'm pretty sure the program will make me vomit a little. I plan on working HARD! Lots of deadlifts written in. Wide-stance dumbbell and narrow-stance barbell, both straight-legged along with conventional deadlifts. Really hit my glute-ham area. Contests are won from the rear and I've got to make sure mine is perfect. High and tight! While the rest of me is tiny and tight. That's the look I'm going for. Alright all, I've got work to do for tomorrow. Planning and preparation is how I'm going to make it happen this year and I've got to get to it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fancy salads???

Happy Friday to All!

I made it through all my workouts and got all cardio sessions done. Only thing left is spin class tomorrow morning. Progress is slow but it's still progress. I'm not one of the lucky ones who has the weight magically fall off of them. I hear about these people. I know a few. Eh, I gotta work for it and working I am.

Today I did a back and plyometric workout followed by 30 minutes of cardio on the ellilptical. A very good workout. I alternate a back exercise followed by plyometrics and keep it moving for the entire workout. Lots of jumping rope, some burpees, pop squats, more jumping rope, and even more jumping rope. I was drenched by the end and it felt good. I'm working on making my back wider. One of my critiques last year was that a) my back should be wider and b) my waist is too thick. Accomplishing 'a' will magically fix 'b.' Well, not really but figure is largely about the illusion of perfection.

Got some extra chicken breast cooked last night and was able to seal it a few hours ago. I highly recommend a food saver. I have about a month's worth of chicken cooked, portioned, and sealed in the freezer. That's my emergency food in case I run out of time and can't cook. Having things pre-cooked and ready to go is an absolute necessity. At some point this weekend I need do the same with some veggies I have but that'll require blanching first. I've never tried this but I know it can be done and looked up the instructions earlier. Sounds fairly easy and a great way to preserve veggies before they go bad.

So now I'm about to go to bed. Last meal has been eaten. Not too exciting but whatever. Cod and spinach salad. Sunday I get my cheat meal and I'm unsure on whether I should cook or go out. I have a taste for spagetti squash with meat sauce and a fancy salad. By fancy I mean one with stuff in it. We'll see. Good night all. Train hard, stay focused, and breathe. That's what I tell myself.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Official first day waking up alone. I know, I know. It'll get better and it's only for a measly 6 months.

Ok, according to the State of Texas today is our 2nd holiday this week. So, Happy Confederate Hero's Day. Um, yeah. Just my luck my lab always has to have minimal staffing so I worked today. But only for a whopping 3 hours which is how long it took for us to get the necessary stuff done. Then I hit the gym. I have a strategy for great workouts. I like to focus on whatever bodypart I'm working the entire day leading up to my workout. So for the 3 hours I was at work, I kept thinking "legs, legs, legs." See the squat, feel the squat, breathe in and out and push. It's worked so far. I find it especially helpful for those really tough workouts. Like legs. And arms. (arms tomorrow)

So I hit the gym and got to it. Getting there early was nice as the place was pretty empty and I didn't have to fight for space or equipment. I started with lumberjack squats supersetted with stiff-legged deadlifts. Really focused on sitting into the squat to get my glutes and hamstrings working before I really hit them with the deadlifts. Then on to donkey kicks on the smith supersetted with frog crunches. Working my abs in allows me to rest my legs a bit and I'm a big fan of supersetting. Then sumo squats supersetted with calf raises on the smith. Again, want to really sit into the squat to get my butt in gear. I can also feel that one on my inner thighs which is nice. Then it was off to do more squats! Front squats with a dumbbell supersetted with crunches on the bench. And then I topped it off with shelcs with a little added weight for my posterior's sake. Good leg workout followed by 30 minutes of cardio.

I then came home to my yard to do a little weeding. I say a little weeding but it's a horrendous job. Jaime left the yard in disarray and now it's my job to get it up to par. We may be engaged but the yard has always been her area. I guess for the next 6 months I can work on it. It really sucked following the deadlifts and squats but I'm still alive so I'll count it as extra calories burned.

Mojo and I also went for a walk. I'm not sure what to say about that. I love this dog but she is such a spaz. This is day 1 of me re-training Mojo. We'll see how that goes.

My final act tonight is to get my food prepped for the week. I have chicken cooling that will be part of my pre-workout meals for the next 3 days. All my shakes are measured and ready to go. My breakfast and lunch is also all ready. Dinner is cooked and just waiting for assembly. Just need to cut up the chicken and I'll be done.

So that's it for today. I'm ready to shower and watch Jillian and Bob kick some butt on The Biggest Loser. Until next time.

Monday, January 18, 2010

So, I dropped J off today and I'm officially all alone. The next 6 months she'll be learning all about the army while I cardio and sweat myself to show shape. I'm expecting my elliptical to arrive sometime this week which will really help me in my efforts this year. In the past I've spent a lot of time in the gym. With J gone I really need to spend more time at home with Mojo and Zillah. And I now have yardwork, housework, etc to tend to.

I'm really motivated to do well this season. So much is riding on me doing well. I'm really pushing to turn pro. I think I've mentioned that before once or twice. But I really need to do well this year. I feel that pressure. J is gone and will worry about my prep. I want her to come home and see that I was ok. I don't want her to stress about not having been here to help me prep. I wish that I knew a few years ago what I knew now about letting her help me. Letting her into the process and opening up more. But, better late than never and I know that now.

I also really, really want to be Jeff's next client to turn pro. I feel that pressure. Do Dwelle Athletics proud. Make my friends in the sport proud and stand on stage with those that have turned pro ahead of me. I look forward to standing next to some people that I really respect and admire as a pro.

So, that's my plan. Train hard and do everyone proud. Get myself to where I want to be.

This journal is officially my contest prep journal. I'll try to be as brutally honest as possible about the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

Hope you enjoy the journey.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Dear US Army Bootcamp headperson,

On Monday I'll be sending off my fiancee to join your ranks. There are a few things you'll need to know before she arrives.

1. She doesn't eat breakfast. She'll forget lunch. And she'll skimp on dinner. I've been working on this but it's like working with a child at times. I know that she won't have the luxury to eat when she wants anymore and needs to eat at the prescribed meal times. I know that if breakfast is at 6am then she needs to eat at 6am. And she had better eat it all or she'll be hungry until the next meal time. I figure that after the first day she'll get with the program or starve.

2. She's been sleeping in a lot lately. Well, since she lost her job. It may be a bit of a shock to her to wake up really early. Mind you I've been waking up early for the past year. We're talking 4am workouts. But, she hasn't had to do that and is a little out of practice. Agan, I figure she'll get with the program.

3. She has this issue with her hair. I dunno. Worried that she won't be allowed to care for it properly. I told her that she isn't the first black woman to go off to basic and certainly won't be the last.

4. She likes to sleep with a towel over her ear. I'm not sure if it's allowed or not but she'll figure that out.

5. She doesn't drink enough water. Our body's are 70% water, not 70% Crystal Lite. Again, she'll figure that out soon enough or dye of dehydration.

6. She's going to miss me a lot. I'm pretty sure that you'll have her so busy that she won't have much time to pine away for me. But, she will miss me. Give her some extra push ups to do and she'll be fine. The time for her will pass away quickly and she'll be back before she knows it.

I think that's it. You'll meet her soon enough. Take care of her. I'll be waiting for her at the airport in a few months.



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Catching up and moving on

Happy New Year to all!

I've finally returned from my Christmas Vacay with the family. I spent a week with my newly reunited parents, my brother, and his 2 kids. As with family there were some highs and there were some lows. I'm recovering from a cold which I'm thinking was a farewell gift from my youngest niece, Akira. Thanks....

So I'm back in lovely Austin and it's 2010. Time to train! Yup, I'm back on diet and prepping for the season. I received my plan from my trainer, Jeff Dwelle, and I think he got a little wise to me this year. For example, instead of just saying have veggies or salad, he's specified 1 cup green veggies. Smart man. And for dinner a small salad, greens only. I have to laugh but only because it's well written for me and my rabbit taste buds. I can eat my weight in veggies and salad.

I get 1 cheat this week and it has to be clean. So, on Sunday I'm taking my sweetie to a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse to see Avatar. For dinner, I'll be eating the Once Upon a Time in Mexico salad. A salad with STUFF! But still clean.

And for those that may have caught it, yes, I have my sweetie back. What can I say? We reconciled (ahem...again) and are moving forward with our relationship. The time apart was good. It was good in that we got along great and thoroughly enjoyed each other. But I also saw that our relationship was not damaged beyond repair. In fact, we just needed to go to our respective corners and take a time out. Time out is over and last night I moved back into the master bedroom. AND...(wait for it).....

We're engaged to be married!

I know, I know. To be clear I never expected to be one of those on again, off again couples but hey, it happened. Just a couple of times really. And all in the last year or so. But we've been together for 4 years and friends for 3 or so prior. I feel like I crossed over some hump where I was expecting the worst and now I'm completely settled in and expecting the best. No need to hold back anything or have one foot near the door. Things are finally the way they were supposed to be.

So, along with dieting, training, and all that jazz, I now have to plan a wedding. Wow, huh?