Friday, August 28, 2009

No hummus allowed

There is a huge difference in eating healthy, and eating on diet. Healthy includes so many yummy food options that are not part of a competitor's diet. I've tried explaining the difference many times, but just last night I was asked if I could have hummus. Healthy? Yes. Part of my diet? Um, no.
I'm not sure why this still bothers me so much. My S.O. asked the question and it was a perfectly valid question. I guess....
But my diet is posted on the fridge door. It's very specific. Not once is there a mention of hummus. So why ask? At this point in the game I have to remind myself to BE NICE. So, I said "no" and made the mental point to vent about it later. Ok, I'm done.In exactly 3 weeks I'll be in New York. 3 more weeks and it'll be stage-time. 3 more weeks to go and after that, then what? I've been thinking about life after this show for the last few weeks. For one, I truly want to appreciate the time that I have now to train. I want to be thankful for a smooth, healthy prep and thankful for being injury-free. But I also know that transitioning to the off-season can be an odd and bumpy ride for many competitors. I've been living under a rock for so long that I wonder if I still have friends or if they've all given up on me. What will I do with my time once I have it back to myself? What will I buy when I go to the grocery store when I can eat more that just white meat and asparagus? These are the guestions going through my head. I've got 3 weeks to work it out.

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