Monday, August 31, 2009

Life before cell phones

I've always felt normal in the sense that I've never been attached to my phone like most others. I can leave it behind and not think twice about it. If I get a call then I'll just return it later. I do remember what it was like before cell phones. My world didn't explode. Until I dropped it for the umpteenth time this past weekend. It still rings. But, it's hanging together by a thread. Actually, I left it at home on the bathroom sink one morning. Things get pretty hairy at 4am. Anyhoo, apparantly I got a few calls that day and the darned thing just vibrated off the counter. Oops. A piece, a very necessary piece, broke off. I knew it was toast then but thought I had time. Well, I went to use it Saturday night and ended up dropping it again. Poor thing. So, I need a new phone. And at the worst time. I need the numbers in that phone. Gotta call the hairdresser. Need to receive my weekend work schedule via text. Need to remind my mother that I'll be in New York in a few weeks and I want ALL my favorite foods. Figure out if either of my parents are up for some city sight seeing. etc, etc. Oh well. My world has not exploded yet and there's always email. On another note, I'm under the 3 week mark. Yes ladies and gents, we're counting this sucker down. Time to get all my prep materials organized.

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