Thursday, April 8, 2010

How do you feel?

Cod and asparagus. That's what I'm eating right now. And I'm actually enjoying it. I've had cod and asparagus everyday at roughly the same time since January. And I'll continue to have it everyday until my show. Soon I'll have a protein shake and some almonds. 15 almonds to be exact. I say this because food is fuel and my fuel is so important to me right now. Nutrition is the name of the game. Training and cardio are the icing on the cake. But my nutrition is where it's at. And this is true for everyone wanting to look better, feel better, be better.

No, I'm not suggesting that everyone is required to eat cod and asparagus everyday. It's not a magic meal. It won't melt the pounds away. But it is a good, solid meal of foods that my body can use. Not McDonalds, not donuts, not chocolate cake. It wasn't deep fried or processed. My body won't go into sugar shock from it. My energy levels will remain stable and I won't crash. I made the choice to eat well. And in doing so, my body is happy. I'm working my way to my goals bit by bit.

So take a moment. Look at how you're feeding your body. The things going into your mouth. How well are you treating your body? And how well do you truly feel? After the sugar high of a donut, the grease from pizza, or the carbs from a full on pasta meal, how do you feel? Because right now, I'm feeling pretty darned good.

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