Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Happy Tuesday! Tonight is Crossfit bootcamp and I'm ready to sweat. I need to sweat. One of the things I love about the bootcamp is that I am pushed in ways that I haven't been pushed before. I'm pushed out of my comfort zone. I'm pushed to work harder. And the competitor in me pushes to beat everyone else. It's great. My goal is to come away feeling as if I won. Even though there's not really a race or competition or anything. I still want to feel as if I won. Yeah, I must compete.

After the movie I'm seeing Eat, Pray, Love. I was supposed to see it with friends but it appears that the original plan has fallen through. I bought my ticket and then the movie sold out before everyone else could buy theirs. So it looks as if I'm going alone. Which wouldn't bother me except it is a sold out movie so I'll be crammed in with couples and groups. Akward....

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  1. I always feel the need to "beat" everyone else too ... which is why I'm always a sweaty mess after any time of group class. :)

    Enjoy Eat, Pray, Love ... it may actually be more fun to go by yourself. Think positively!