Monday, August 30, 2010

Where exactly is "out there?"

I had this desire earlier to get all dressed up and eat a fancy, sit-down meal. And then I realized that I wanted to go on a date. And then the thought of dating made my chest hurt and I felt a smidge (if not more) of anxiety. And so...I'm not ready to date. Which is fine since my options these days are extremely limited. One does have to put him or herself out there to date right? Yeah, that would probably have to be step 1. Actually, make that step 2 as step 1 should really be to not be seized with panic at the thought of dating.

Step 1. Be ready to date.
Step 2. Put yourself out there.
Step 3. Figure out where "out there" is.

Got it. ( I swear I've done this's just been a while)

Today is my first day of Crossfit Elements at Crossfit Central. (Can I get a fist pump?) I'm really excited. I spent the mont of August doing a crossfit bootcamp and just loved it. I love the intensity that I can bring to the sport. And I'm such a competitive person that this is perfect for me. I'm really anxious to learn more about crossfit and start applying that to my training. And then??? Crossfit Games! (Again, feel free to fist pump.)

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