Thursday, August 26, 2010

Unwilling vs unable

Today's my last day of Crossfit Bootcamp and I'm a little sad about that. It's been a ton of fun. So much fun that I decided to up the ante and join the crossfit community. My goal is to compete. When you're me, you have to find something to compete in. I joke that I would do crossword competitions but it's kinda true. I must find something to train for. Something that's harder than everyday activity. Something that most everday people would be unwilling to do.

Unwilling vs Unable

I'm astounded by how many people automatically say how they can't do something. Can't perform. Can't try. Just can't. And it's not that they can't. It's that they won't. Imagine the possibilities and just try. I remind myself occassionally that the only person that can hold me back is me. And then I tell myself that I shouldn't let anyone put limits on what I can do. Myself included.

I mention that because I've enjoyed a great many physical activities in my life. Cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, judo, running, rugby, figure, rock climbing, and crossfit. I meet a lot of people who ask how I do what I do, how I look like I do, and how they can better themselves. And then, I get their excuses. I can't do this, I can't do that. Whatever. Don't tell me what you can't do. Dont' whine and complain and then ask for advice to only set limits on yourself. It's silly and a waste of my time. And please, don't compare yourself to me or anyone else. We all started our fitness journeys at the beginning. For me, it was being able to run an entire 1/4 mile without stopping. Yup, me. The girl who's training for her 4th marathon couldn't run 1 measely quarter mile. But I kept at it and didn't give up. No excuses. Just persistance.

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  1. This is very, very true... nice write up:) Keep up the hard work!