Monday, September 20, 2010

plantation workouts

Happy Monday all! I kick-started my week with a run this morning. 4:20am the alarm went off and I managed to drag my tired self out of bed. Got dressed and hit the road. It was slow going but my body finally managed to wake up. And then I had an absolutely fabulous run. I went exploring in my neighborhood and greatly enjoyed myself. And it was cool! And by that I mean the temperature wasn't already hot and muggy. Good-bye summer and helloooo fall!

50 minutes later and I finished my run. Great thing is I felt so good I could've kept going. Had I not had to work today I would have. But I was really satisfied with myself. I only ran twice last week and only made it to the gym to lift once, and that was yesterday for legs. But I have crossfit 3 times a week and I think that's why I'm able to get away with less daily running. Fabulous! Yet another benefit to crossfit.

I am feeling slightly guilty for not making more of my routine gym workouts. I walked in yesterday and it seemed like ages since I'd been there last. It had been a week and that's forever in my book. I'm still trying to shift my thinking from figure competing to crossfit, with a half marathon thrown in for good measure. And I'm such a creature of habit that it's taking some time. But, I'm really loving life now. I look forward to my workouts. And even when the wod's irritate the crap out of me (or beat the crap out of me in the case of double unders, or plantation workout as I like to call it) I still love it. Just think, tomorrow I get another year older and I'm getting better with age. Kinda like a fine wine, but without the hangover.

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