Thursday, September 2, 2010

My mountain

Yesterday I officially signed up for my crossfit classes for the month of September at Crossfit Central. I don't think the guy at the front desk was quite ready for someone like me. He certainly had his work cut out for him as I asked him question after question. I wanted to make sure I knew all my options, and took advantage of everything that I could. These classes aren't cheap and I want to get as much as I can out of this experience.

I asked about a package called Crossfit Platinum. That would allow me to take classes 5xweek. In a nutshell he thought it would be too much for me. He then went on to tell me how important rest and nutrition was and how I should just be completely spent from crossfit. I had to tell him that it wasn't my first rodeo. I'm an athlete, plain and simple. I'm constantly looking for competition in the most mundane of matters. I need to be pushed as hard as I can. I want to be pushed as hard as I can be. And then, push me a little bit more. I kinda like the idea of staring up at a mountain that seems cruel and treacherous and then climbing it.

Crossfit is my next mountain.

So with that I'm reminded of a quote that I came across earlier this year. I think we all could benefit from it so here it is:

"No one puts limits on what I can do. Not even me."

Let's climb.

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