Tuesday, September 1, 2009

5 years later

Thursday I, after 5 loooong years, will officially have paid off all my credit card debt. HELL YEAH!! I've got the last payment set up and it will be drafted on Thursday. 2 cards, both previously maxed out, will then show a huge $0 balance. I may just frame those last statements. It is possible to live without plastic. I've managed to fly, rent cars and hotels, eat out, and shop without plastic. When situations arose I handled them, without plastic. I've been able to compete and buy my super expensive suit without plastic. I've been broke, and then much more broke. But no plastic. I'm so freakin proud of myself. Actually, I guess I did use plastic but it was my debit card and not a credit card. I hate debt, especially the stupid kind. Student loans are necessary. Credit card debt is not. I first got mine in college and have used them for just about every stupid reason there is. Happy hour, clothes, dinner, i had a bad day and need ____. Yup, did it all. No more. This woman has learned her lesson. On Thursday, MBNA and Citibank can kiss my ASS!!

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