Monday, February 15, 2010


New week and time for a new set of workouts. Had a good shoulder workout today. Went a little heavier to keep my body guessing but not too heavy. Coach would like me to keep my shoulder workouts with moderate weights and high reps which is fine. I just kinda felt like going a little heavier today.

I did some basic moves. I remembered my original plan for this prep was KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. No need for fancy, extravagant movements in the gym. No need to get too complicated in the kitchen. I want to keep it simple in both venues. So far it has helped. For one, my grocery bill is a lot less this prep. I've been sticking with good ol' chicken for the most part. And I actually look forward to it every day. Cod is my white fish of choice. Asparagus for my veggie and baby spinach for my salads. Breakfast is oats and egg whites blended into pancakes except on the weekends, where I make a bowl of steel cut oats and an omelet.

The area where I get inventive is my shakes. I have 7 different tubs of Whey Protein Isolate on the kitchen floor. I have sugar-free syrups, flavored extracts, crystal lite, and seasonings to add flavor to them. And I blend them with ice to make them into a nice treat. That along with my almonds is a great treat.

My diet has been spot on and I'm proud of that. I get my once a week scheduled cheat and I treat myself to dinner and a movie at the Alamo. It's been great. I go by myself and I've truly enjoyed it. It's my date with myself every week and I'm going to continue it even when my cheats are taken away. I'll have to find another theater to go to but that won't be a problem.

I've done every second of cardio. It was increased 10 minutes this week so I'm doing an even split of 25 minutes of fasted cardio in the morning on the elliptical and 25 post-training on anything but the elliptical. Trying to really get a good session every time.

So if I'm doing everything that I'm supposed to, why isn't my body responding? I'm not sure. 6 weeks down and I've lost a total of a pound. Seriously? A freakin' pound?? Not good. Not good at all. I've got my mind set on competing in every national show that I can afford to do, starting with Jr. Nationals. My body, it seems, may have other plans. I wonder how much my recent stress may be affecting my weight loss. I know it can have some effect. (effect? affect?)

Well, no matter. I'm doing my best to breathe in, breathe out, and not get too mentally wrapped up in the stress. I need to get mentally in the game and hopefully my body will follow. Dammit! It has too.

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