Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting through and moving on

It's been a while since posting. Things have been up, down, up, and back down again it seems. I'm officially packing and moving from my current home. I'm not sure if I mentioned that before. Seems as if my future life partner wasn't much of a partner at all. But I've found a new home for me and Miss Zillah and we'll be moving in at the beginning of April. It's a hugely upsetting situation but at least it's coming to a close soon.

Training has been going steadily. My body is moving, albeit very slowly. I'm starting to feel the changes take place which is nice. Lets me know that all my hard work isn't for nothing. I just wish things would happen a little faster. Or at least, at the same pace as everyone else that I know. It's hard to stay positive at times when everyone I know is losing a steady 1-2 pounds a week and I'm averaging half a pound a week. Arghhh! But, I'm just going to keep trucking along and hopefully things will start to really happen soon. Plus, the weather is getting nicer and I'm about ready to put on my smaller summer clothes again.

I think that's pretty much it for now. I'm really going to make a concerted effort to post more often. I admit that when things were really low, I didn't feel like sharing. It was bad enough that I was living through it. The last thing I wanted to do was rehash everything on-line. Now I'm ready to just get through and move on.

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