Monday, September 7, 2009


Under the 2 week mark. I'm exhausted/sore/hungry/excited/ready! I can't believe that I've had such a long season. In fact, this is my longest yet. I've been dieting/training since January. January 11th to be exact. Over 9 months of dieting this year, which is almost 2 months longer than normal. I had hoped to continue on through November to compete in Florida at Nationals but I think my body is showing all the signs of needing rest. Ahhhh, rest.....But I digress. I've accomplished a lot this year. 4th place at the Ronnie Coleman Classic. From there I went on to place 3rd at the Jr USA's in Charleston. My first national-level show. It was rough. I have never in my life encountered so much difficulties in trying to achieve a goal. I mis-booked my flight and had to pay a huge fee to get another. I then discovered that I had no way from the show back to the airport. I'll never fly in/out of another city again!I found a way to the airport and then lost my two roommates. One had a death in the family, one just kinda quit. I then discovered a 3rd roommate that I hadn't quite realized was coming. Lucky for me she had a calm demeanor and saved the day. I also met a great lady who is a phenomenal athlete. We had a room. Because of my original flight issue, I had to drive 3 hours to fly from D/FW into Raleigh airport, rent a car, and then drive 4 hours to Charleston. Ugh! Just my luck I also woke up the morning I was leaving with a message that my place to stay before flying back to Texas fell through. Of all the luck!But, I made it there and back. I figure I got all the competition travel learning out of the way in one trip. It's all a learning experience, right?I next went on to compete at the Texas Round Up. I couldn't resist doing a hometown show. I placed 2nd there and kept training for my next show...Team Universe!So, here I am less than 2 weeks away. I'll be on a plane to New York next Thursday. I can hang in until then. It'll all be downhill at that point. And then, showtime!! Quickly followed by dinnertime!!!

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