Friday, September 4, 2009

Living in the Zone???

2 weeks and counting. 1 more week of hard ass work and then it's peak week. I like that. Breaking it down into smaller increments helps me NOT think about each and every day and all that must get done. Same with dieting. I do about 2 hours of work and then it's time to eat. Right now it's pork and asparagus. Always asparagus. I'm not sure how or why my body does it. But no other vegetable is accepted at this stage of dieting. Sad and strange but I learned the hard way. Bloating is nobody's friend.I should've been a powerlifter. I have a friend who competes as a powerlifter and he just so happens to have a meet this weekend. They get to eat. He actually told me (the girl that's been dieting since January) that he gets tired of eating and has trouble getting all his calories in. Seriously!?!? I have no such issues. But then again, I never was the type to miss a meal. I enjoy eating. Sometimes too much. I definately fall into the emotional eater category. And in a way, figure competing has helped me learn the "how to's" of eating, as well as the "why's." I often find myself telling others that I understand how hard it is to lose weight. Trust me, I do. I know that food tastes good and there's a lot of it out there. I know that many social activities are centered around food (and alcohol). Good day? Bad day? Doesn't matter, eat! There are treats at work and treats at home. You want to eat well but your family doesn't. I know all these things.I also know that I, and only I am responsible for what goes into my mouth. I know that I may be able to rationalize slipping here and there, but that my body will be affected by it. I know that I can accept my weakness and work around them. For example, I'm too weak to go to social gatherings even with my own food. I end up staring at all the things I can't have. So, I avoid those gatherings with food. If that means I'm AWOL for a while, then it means just that. My diet and training are way more important to me. And I know that it's not forever. I don't live so strictly year-round. The end is approaching for me and I can transition back to a normal, healthy diet. I can eat out and have a drink and enjoy myself. But, the hard work has to come first. And once the show is over and I go into off season, I'm still in training. Just, in off season training. So, to those that think they have a super-special secret as to why they can't, trust me, you're reason ain't so special. It's your own personal excuse as to why you're not stepping up. The comfort zone is just a delusion.

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