Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, Monday...

WooHoo it's Monday! Monday my brand new elliptical was assembled and Monday I had a fabulous shoulder workout followed by sprints on the stationary bike. I've got all new workouts and I'll run them for the next 3 weeks. Idea is to spend some time working the muscle in a certain way and then switch it up. I want to get the full benefit of an exercise and then switch it up before my body gets too comfortable. So I expect this to be a fun week because everything is new.

As I mentioned above my elliptical is here. I'm staring at it right now. I plan on having my first session on it tomorrow morning. Bright and early! This will be nice because I can do cardio in the morning before breakfast and just concentrate on lifting in the afternoon. While my cardio can all be done in one session, that is. Once it gets to about an hour I'll start splitting it up. I ALWAYS do the majority of my cardio in the morning and save the lesser amount for the afternoon. Mentally that works for me. I always want to feel like I have less work to do in the afternoon.

Sunday was my planned cheat meal. Hummus with assorted veggies and pita followed by a yummy salad. I saw a movie, The Single Man at the Alamo with dinner. Very somber movie. Next week I hope I can find something a little more light hearted. I think I'm going to continue with the trend, a movie and dinner for my cheat meal. It's my complete treat for the week. Well, it would be MORE complete with a glass of cider. But alas, I'm off the sauce for the next 10 months OR until I turn pro, whichever should happen first. Let's hope that I turn pro first. That is what I'm working for after all.

Tomorrow is a leg day. As I've written it, I'm pretty sure the program will make me vomit a little. I plan on working HARD! Lots of deadlifts written in. Wide-stance dumbbell and narrow-stance barbell, both straight-legged along with conventional deadlifts. Really hit my glute-ham area. Contests are won from the rear and I've got to make sure mine is perfect. High and tight! While the rest of me is tiny and tight. That's the look I'm going for. Alright all, I've got work to do for tomorrow. Planning and preparation is how I'm going to make it happen this year and I've got to get to it.

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