Friday, January 22, 2010

Fancy salads???

Happy Friday to All!

I made it through all my workouts and got all cardio sessions done. Only thing left is spin class tomorrow morning. Progress is slow but it's still progress. I'm not one of the lucky ones who has the weight magically fall off of them. I hear about these people. I know a few. Eh, I gotta work for it and working I am.

Today I did a back and plyometric workout followed by 30 minutes of cardio on the ellilptical. A very good workout. I alternate a back exercise followed by plyometrics and keep it moving for the entire workout. Lots of jumping rope, some burpees, pop squats, more jumping rope, and even more jumping rope. I was drenched by the end and it felt good. I'm working on making my back wider. One of my critiques last year was that a) my back should be wider and b) my waist is too thick. Accomplishing 'a' will magically fix 'b.' Well, not really but figure is largely about the illusion of perfection.

Got some extra chicken breast cooked last night and was able to seal it a few hours ago. I highly recommend a food saver. I have about a month's worth of chicken cooked, portioned, and sealed in the freezer. That's my emergency food in case I run out of time and can't cook. Having things pre-cooked and ready to go is an absolute necessity. At some point this weekend I need do the same with some veggies I have but that'll require blanching first. I've never tried this but I know it can be done and looked up the instructions earlier. Sounds fairly easy and a great way to preserve veggies before they go bad.

So now I'm about to go to bed. Last meal has been eaten. Not too exciting but whatever. Cod and spinach salad. Sunday I get my cheat meal and I'm unsure on whether I should cook or go out. I have a taste for spagetti squash with meat sauce and a fancy salad. By fancy I mean one with stuff in it. We'll see. Good night all. Train hard, stay focused, and breathe. That's what I tell myself.

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